Monday, February 22, 2016

Gearing Up For Spring Selling!

I just KNOW that Spring is on its way, because I'm only seeing little blobs of snow here and there on the ground, and hoping that it won't snow again! 

Enough until NEXT Winter, because by then we'll be tired of the heat, and ready for some more snow. Hard to believe, isn't it? lol! 

And with Spring on the way, my thoughts are turning to gearing up my Etsy shop with new ideas, and taking it in a new direction! I've been wanting to come up with some new sets, and I'm working on that at the moment, along with a few other ideas :) 

One thing I have been working on which I touched on a little bit in my last blog post, is learning to be more organized. It isn't that I don't know how to organize, it's more a matter of I just....well, I'm kind of lazy sometimes, lol~ 

One thing I did start doing (since it's a Monday, and it seemed like a good time to 'start' doing something- Mondays are notorious for that!) was to make a 'To Do' list on just a scrap of paper, number them in order of importance, and cross them out as I do them. I'm on number two at the moment, which is posting in my blog! My first one was to go through and change all of the postage rates in my Etsy shop. Postage rates went up recently (sigh), and although I know there is probably an easier way to 'mass change' the postage, I went through them separately because some things are different than others, so...Yeah, I took the 'road less traveled', ha! 

Either way, this list is helping today- I feel a little more...'together' with things, and feel that I'm accomplishing things a little better, as opposed to just being all over the place. 

If you need to organize more in your small business as well (and who doesn't!), I would say to start slow, such as with the 'To Do' list- and go through each one before starting on the next- I used to have a bad habit of jumping around on a list, and would discover that at the end of the day, I had the beginnings of several things started, but not finished~ best to just go through and finish each as you go. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, as well. I know, that sounds so lame, lol, but it's true- and if you have a small home business, it's a necessity- there is nobody around to give you orders and tell you what needs to be done - we have to kick ourselves in the pants!

And on that note...I'm back to work!

God Bless :)

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