Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Do You Ever...

I'm curious...how many of you out there are working on your own small business from home? Sometimes it's a necessity, sometimes just for fun, but it's always something that we have deep down inside of us. The creativity, I mean! 

I recently found a blog called justagirlandherblog and this site was pretty awesome, seriously. I don't even know how I landed there, but I did.

Let me tell you...I was impressed. 

I have to admit, I felt like a completely disorganized sloth after surfing around on her site, lol- she just has EVERYthing together, and it is a really fun site. Not to mention the fact that she and her husband make some serious $$ with her blog, etc.- so awesome for them. I even printed out a few of the free printables she has there, along with the first chapter of a book about blogging that she wrote- now this isn't to say that this girl hasn't had her huge troubles in life- she had a double mastectomy (the whole same situation as Angelina Jolie had, along with the...plastic surgery at the same time...the females in her family have the BRCA gene, I believe..), but she has managed to just overcome and pull together and be successful, and...and...makes me breathless to think about it, lol. 

Does your fridge look like this? Mine neither! 
So here is MY question to all of you! Do you feel overwhelmed with which way to go in your small business, such as...Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Blogging, how much, when, where, etc., etc., ETC.! What are your secrets to pulling it all together, and making sense of it? 

Moment of Honesty: I'm sitting here amongst printouts, button orders, looking online at various sticks I have in the fire and I have to admit, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Well, maybe 'overwhelmed' isn't the correct word to use...wait, yes it is, lol! After looking at just a girl's site (and if you go there, you will see exactly what i mean), it has a tendency to make one feel a bit...ok, a LOT...disorganized! 

Goals this week? For me, definitely prioritizing and organization! 

I will let you know how it goes, and what worked for me! Meanwhile...if you have ideas that have worked for you, definitely leave a comment and tell about it, I would love to hear from you!

God Bless! 


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